Requirements for future bills Auto Euro Force released on his Facebook page.

Not many, but they can radically change the situation on the market:

What are the conditions put forward the deputies of the owners of the cars on avtonomera

1. One law for all, regardless of what the offer is. The absence of discrimination. Those who are now on avtonomera must follow the normal procedures for customs clearance, but under the new, fair rates. And those who have no car, can buy it for the same fair rates.

2. Really affordable rates in order to clear of the vehicle are virtually all segments of the population, even those who are just starting careers.

3. Used current legislation, the rates bill 1389 (3251), but the transfer rates on automobiles with the volume above 2.5 liters, or rather, all that falls under the UCG FEA code 87033390, and the principle of a modified Moldovan scenario, which provides a significant discount on clearance.

For example: AUDI A6 2000 cost 3000 euros and a volume of 2.5 will have a clearance 1843 Euro (payments law 1389) — 70% (modified Moldavian discount) = 553 euros. (Cost of customs clearance).

4. Customs clearance will be all cars Euro 3 since 1998, as proposed by the Committee at the last meeting.

5. The new law will be until 2020, or until the introduction of the STK with evropeyskimi standards.

6. Economic benefits and limitations will make the movement of avtonomera inappropriate.

7. To fill the budget proposes the creation of a working group for the analysis of budget revenues from the sharply increased number of cars that pay for customs clearance.

8. The police solves a question database of all of the cars as they pass on the Ukrainian rooms.

What are the conditions put forward the deputies of the owners of the cars on avtonomera

Deputies received the list of requirements to develop laws and went to study them. We will remind that negotiations with motorists Deputy corps is already almost 7 months. But while the tried and tested joint of a bill and has not appeared.