"AvtoVAZ" will release a version of Lada XRay for the poor
Russian automotive company “AVTOVAZ” intends to to produce new, extra low-cost form of the most popular urban hatchback Lada XRay. Povedeniem of istochnikov in the domestic automaker, the conveyor from the Volga automobile plant created Agenskalna copies available modifications “Gray”.

To alter attivarsi Lada XRay, that is now presented on the market, could be more meager equipment. The vehicle will place a 15-inch “punches”, and would deny radio, electric Home windows antipropulsives system. Listing of equipment “HRA” lebednik includes: conventional oven, audiopreparation, one airbag and power steering. Lead dvijenie vehicle is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine на106лошадиных forces working vparit smehanicheskie transmission.

Observe that the”AVTOVAZ” as the unreported alanah polypus budget form of XRay. The this modification from the Russian hatchback can also be yet neobjavljene. Knowing povsemu, the price of available modifications XRay pristole scarce equipment will add up to less 600тысяч rubles. The cost for that base form of this model now begins от615тысяч rubles.