BMW’s hotly anticipatedM2 Competition continues to be leaked online through the brand’s Australian website, confirming that it’ll make use of a 405bhp form of the brand’s S55 twin-turbocharged straight-six engine.

The system, that is alsoused within the M3andM4 (where it provides 425bhp), replaces the standard M2’s N55 engine to transmit a substantial 40bhp more towards the rear wheels and let a -62mph sprint duration of 4.2sec.

This is a tenth of the second faster compared to standard M2, however the M2 Competition is going to be much more impressive once moving because of its 406lb foot of torque,representinga jump of 37lb foot. The N55 unit redlines at 7600rpm, suggesting the brand new vehicle may also respond more eagerly to being revved out.

BMW M2 Competition leaks online with 405bhp M3 engine

And its power boost, the M2Competition also posseses an M Sport exhaust system that may be adjusted through several modes, in addition to new chassis settings to provide sharper handling. These additional features are supported by small aesthetic changes, including new wheels and various M seats inside.

Although there’s still no official line fromBMW on thishotter M2 model, the leak, that has since been taken lower, suggests the official reveal arrives imminently.The M2 Competition’sarrival may come as no real surprise spy images of an improvement vehicle had spurred on speculation that the S55-powered M2 was heading our way as soon as last summer time.

Earlyreports recommended the vehicle could be known as theM2 CSL, which may mark coming back of individuals three letters to production the very first time since 2004, once they adorned a far more focused variant from the E46 M3.

Autocar realizes that the M division opted to make use of the newer3.-litreS55 engine within the M2 Competition since it provides enhanced performance while remaining largely under-stressed. The older N55 engine is believed to possess been running near to its greatest reliable output.

Regardless of the switch of engine, the M2 Competition’s character is anticipated to become largely much like those of the standard version, just with more focus. It’s due having a six-speed manual or seven-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic gear box. Even though the latter enables the car’s headline performance figures,market interest in driver-focused cars has ensured the manual remains thestandard option.

BMW M2 Competition leaks online with 405bhp M3 engine

BMW continues to be asked to provide an even hotterM2 modelafter sales from the regular modelfar exceeded predictions. BMW M vice-president Dirk Hacker told Autocar late this past year this is making special editions simpler to warrant, even just in today’s uncertain economic system.

“The M2 is tracking at 40-50% above our expectation when it comes to sales, and interest in cars such as the M2, or GTS and CS heritage models, keeps growing,” he stated. “Any vehicle which has true heritage to motorsport is definitely an chance for all of us. Untouched markets will always be opening for individuals cars which will increase, as long as we keep building cars which are sufficiently special.”

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