An analysis of more than 2,500 complaints on Complaints Compass, the online complaints forum of the Consumers Association, shows that many devices break down rather than consumers expect and that they are often difficult to repair. The reporting point ‘Broken too quickly’ should provide insight into which products, brands and types break down too quickly or can not be repaired. Subsequently, the Consumers’ Association wants to enter into a dialogue with manufacturers and a longer life span and better reparability from advocate devices. 

Time-consuming and expensive

Bart Combée, director of the Consumers ‘Association, explains:’ Consumers are complaining a lot about stuff that will break within a few years. Repair often takes weeks or sometimes months and can be quite expensive. If a device can already be repaired, because it is far too common that devices can not be opened or spare parts are not available. These kinds of barriers quickly ensure that consumers buy a new product. That is not sustainable and sin from the money.’

The Consumentenbond wants devices to last longer, but also that manufacturers design products in such a way that critical parts can be easily and affordably replaced. Independent repairers must also be able to repair the broken products. 

The Belgian consumer association, Test-Purchase, opened a similar reporting center in 2017 and received more than 6,000 reports within a year.

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