Dodge "disguised" ordinary Durango under the "charged" version
Dodge brand introduced the styling package Rallye Appearance of glavgeologia Durango modifikacii of GT. Simodel will appear more aggressive, while keeping prietom available six-cylinder engine.
Etobicoke Dodge Durango GTмашины Spacecom Rallye Appearance differ finish having a Central bonnet air intake iduma side slots cleetwood heat, sports front bumper, revised grille and brought fog lights. Useelement lent starshih modifications— R/Ti”billed” SRT.

Podkatom GTустановлен Dodge Durango 3.6-liter engine V6Pentastar, the output being 299лошадиных сили352Нмкрутящего moment. Running the system vparit vosmichastny “automatic”.

Listing of equipment modifications GT, that is within the Durango line, includes bucket seat combined upholstery, heated front seats along with a rear row, power liftgate и20-inch aluminum wheels.

The price of the Rallye Appearance package is $ 1495 (96тысяч rubles). It may be combined with clone method using the Blacktop (black mirrors, wheel rims icindeki) zolotistye dvds Brass Monkey. The cost from the Sports utility vehicle modifikacii GT— от37795долларов (2.4 million rubles).

The very best-modification Durango— SRT outfitted with 6.4-liter gasoline engine V8HEMI. The efficiency of readily stored away 481лошадиную pressure и637Нмкрутящего moment. The motor is combined sospecial nastroeniem vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”.