Ford patented the salon carousel

On the website of the patent and trademark office, a document in which the company Ford describes the concept of the vehicle with a cylindrical interior, similar to the carousel. Presumably, such a decision maker intends to use drones.

The idea Ford, in the center of the passenger compartment will be a table with chairs. They are foldable, each situated on a movable pedestal fixed on the guide rail. Floor, along with armchairs, Desk and walls with the help of the electric motor can swivel relative to the base machine.

The passenger compartment itself is composed of a domed roof that can be made of glass, and side wall segments. The latter can be moved for access to the interior of the car and sit down.

In the patent application also mentions a pull-out table, equipped with safety cushion — the company has patented this solution in the fall of 2017. In the text of the document States that the pillow can be made of braided nylon or other suitable polymer.

Earlier Ford already have patented the interiors of cars with systems of Autonomous control. In may 2015, the automaker has registered the illustrations, which show the interior with the swivel front sofa.