Fuel excises will be reduced a month ahead of schedule. Because of the protests?

To stabilize the situation on the market, fuel excises will be reduced today – instead of the planned increase from July 1, RIA Novosti told a meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Kozak with oil workers. The government has previously tried to stop growth, but prices are still rising, drivers are unhappy. Protest actions were held in Dagestan, Irkutsk, Bratsk, Novosibirsk, planned in Omsk and a number of other cities. In Novosibirsk picketers even launched posters with slogans: “No predatory fuel prices,” “Expensive fuel will devour Russia,” “Gasoline in America, and life as in Honduras,” “Gasoline in Russia is extracted from gold?”, Reports Kommersant “. According to Rosstat, in April the cost of gasoline rose by 13% compared with March. Already in May, the average Russian retail fuel prices exceeded the level of 42 rubles per liter. This is too sharp a jump, and it is unclear at which mark the bar of increases will stop. Market analysts believe that such haste is due to the fact that before the “Straight Line” with the president no one wants to watch the heat of protest actions. In addition, the head of state will certainly be asked about the situation with fuel in the domestic market. It is also known that the transfer of the period of excise tax reduction requires the correction of the Tax Code, and this is not done so quickly, but, apparently, this adjustment will simply be made retroactively.

Meanwhile, Rosneft believes that the main reason for the increase in fuel prices was the tax maneuver being conducted. The company prepared its proposals for the president and the government to stabilize the situation in the fuel market. Among them is a temporary ban on the export of oil products to foreign markets.

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS