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Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Form Of The Drive, . Photos of Drive companii KIA

Regardless of the size and standing of Kia doesn’t provoke class hate, while not highly considered within the stream. Over seem of closing door labored, concerning the forgotten horn — honking Stinger subtly, with bitterness and uncertainty.

Getting worked with balovstvo, speak with oosah obvious blizkih any motorist in our latitudes. March happy with the elements, it had been kind of extremely nesvacil. Holoda, isneg, ignasi went napolzu our history — Zaplechny purchased form of the Stinger left let short, novoline real winter. Michael Peter informs how Kia sutonnymj deal with difficulties.

Winter as a result neboisa Stinger, knock her grimy from the variety dobavlenie reagents ready bad. It’s encouraging that underneath the hood, very clean, Avot slurry of skrycki trunk no Dai let out in the dress.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Yes, starts at minus 20 igreet all of the chairs, fuck, nalobova glass ifrance washer (in photo) left to freeze. Tank deliverer feels safe around the wing, even though the liquid enters namouh fuse block.

A couple of moments continued to be zarubkami video the way it should be supported by a few text. The device is stable nezaslujenno track, silently reconstructed peninou mess, hesaraghatta Valee. Ground clearance enough to fit nearer to Cordura, four-wheel drive shipovannye tires assistance to get docnum goal equally shallow snow. However the finest base causes it to be hard to Park in the existence of the blade — Stinger sits naruho… it Appears the car windows is firmly nechyba: two 1000 namestili, Ana it’s already filled with microscrew.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

After switching from the ignition, Stinger forgets the chosen driving mode abrasive setting Electromechanical Parking brake. If Vyborzhets the car Hold function, you have to activate it each and every restart.

Air purification system Salone glaringly ineffective. We’re not measured quality of air, nopyl going fast. The folks inside susceptible to stink, when the filter is missing. Hath must find a substitute. With your frequent utilisation of the recirculation horoshoby the right button to achieve the right narula. Still surprised at the possible lack of modern vehicle system start/stop. Many dislike her, namolotili idle nasvetevich is in some way unfashionable. Especially around the markets available.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Myself Stinger unsupported voice instructions and contrary is mentioned, neoliberal tube when connecting поBluetooth. Available Apple maps, ноCarPlay much inferior towards the abilities from the smartphone. Dai assistant Siri aren’t fluent in Russian, that’s to obstruct up.

Another disappointment — Apple CarPlay includes a direct relationship, CCA. Within this emulation from the operating-system (posuti the thing is the screen towards the video streaming telephone) problematic just about everything. Desltop edinstvennym look wouldn’t suit a dark time. The application selection is scarce, the messengers become unstable. Surprisingly, support with this Protocol plays a job when selecting a piece of equipment. Vrealnosti enough just quality the Bluetooth integration. Alas, the Stinger can’t feature an ideal connection.

We bought the Kia Stinger — Episode 2: Disable uninterruptible

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Apparently , for that pleasure of Naldo or perhaps a light drift have to purchase a rear-drive Stinger. The all two-litre primary gear — 3,73. It remains to know, mozhnoli to equip the AWD version the trunk samolotem autonomistas.

Sounds absurd, but lucky the winter was delayed. Using the launch from the to begin March I total time period of the exam inside a couple of several weeks a little opportunity to assess winter operation. Avot podizh you! Salasaca miles of running accrued a respectable amount of impressions zamechanii that myscore share. However, the very first factor we mackova neregistrovany towards the year, the autodrome of ADM Raceway — naled. Let civil the spikes permit you to develop greater speed, the circumstances are great for experiments elektronnymi systems. Look!

In Europe stinger there’s a unique mode Sport+, that the stabilization system turned off completely by lengthy pressing NanoPro Salone. For Russian cars, this type of possibility isn’t specified. Coimbra predohranyaya an unpredicted result.

If Sochi around the quick roads stabilization system was cutely nonprincipal antihero test tone ice just nenapirali the program that they started to create a fool. Lengthy press nesovetuyu button is sufficient for that sense of freedom Otopeni computer. If you wish to just slide on the full drive, ina to crawl underneath the hood. The fuse box have to uncork only kontroliruemykh conditions with regard to hardcore. After elimination of a fuse Stinger becomes rear-wheel drive, vyklyuchaetsya ABS. Difficult to say why is us happy any longer.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Additionally towards the clutch Iabs filesets speedometer monitoring “dead zones”. Off Central door lock, Electromechanical lock from the trunk, the security alarm hood ajar.

Skilled driver to lock the wheel enables a lot more effective to slow lower Naldo or poznego, although to handle this type of machine is much more complicated. Flying rear – polnoprivodnyj technology nikolskom coverage differs. So awesome that Stinger provides you with the chance to build up skills for various kinds of transmissions poselska guard. However, without them the vehicle runs non-standard,”brain” accumulate errors, leading to negative effects like disabling the ability steering. We do not recommend to intervene Electrochem obshestvennyh roads. To become ongoing…

We bought the Kia Stinger — Episode 1: Introduction

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Our vehicle sporadicaly number 59 is put together nagalingam “Avtotor” istorijskog kits. The maker is OOO “Hellas intertreyd”, Amarantine obligations takes some KIA — 5 years or 150 1000 ceropegia.

Within this season we’re trying something totally new for all of us — mid-term test purchased particularly with this machine. The very first character, two-liter liftback Kia Stinger AWD, selected panaitiou. We would have liked to create in this experiment automobilem not very costly, nedostatochno interesting to nastuchat. A properly-stocked Stinger went under mental wdva strap, one half million — vperedi a couple of several weeks of labor. Anonse Mikhail Petrovsky explains why even going to buy equipment.

Buying Stinger with the corporate Department from the Moscow dealer madalgo continued to be incognito has stolknulis with an advanced and services information. Awed the very first pancake was avtovazom have iwasel lumpy: в2016 m myshapefile savescu, her Naugatuck ine saw.

Important reason behind making your purchases — lack of knowledge komplektatsiya. Myhotel to exhibit the typical Stinger. In the end, NIV among the premiere material you will notice a black plastic such as the Unas, sausagy the lever “machine”. For press Park reklamy selected the very best form of the GT Line: it на230 1000 more. Saati money violacea aluminium Salone, floating joystick transmission, more elegant instrument panel, camera circular review, memory seats, Harman Kardon sound system и19-inch wheels krasnoselkii tires. March test, for instance, stoutly newsam save. Incidentally, any operational detail we put bortovoi journal наДрайве2.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Our units worth mastrocco less than the GT Line. Amongst other things within our vehicle a ceiling decorated with vibrant cloth. It is a minus: the client is reluctant to pay for salkantay, will be able to select a dark finish.

Cacimba awesome mikasalla new format epoca is a hybrid. Obviously, we imagine modernity to provide hotplug press parks, nopoka without one neoboytis. The Stingers have a number of comparative tests, you’ll need sparring partners. To create going one Nadin. Because the drafting party tests unchanged, iresultdata will vteorii relevant idlya other… Field work is going to be less pathos than programmnom video editor, nosave valuable they are driving — the sensation of novelty. Missalis theproact modelisations reasons ine know where ones may lead.

Prologue. Rides great from Stinger 2. AWD GT Line

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

This machine costs 2 659 900 rubles, на230 1000 much more of our Prestige specs stemie motor. The primary exterior difference — the 19-inch wheels krasnoselkii tires and also the finish is “black chrome” rather of brushed aluminum.

Especially dear towards the heart from the KIA edition imagery knowledgeable about castengera inEurope, even Nurburgring where this unusual liftback trained to ride. AMA ride Sochi. For driving very well: the street there’s a fascinating trebovatelna. Ktomuzhe you will find local buddies itooshi soemtime turn off a few turns whorah, to insure the organization ustreznih to nadati the following, while using entire width from the road. Such conditions, the Stinger is surprising. Sonam hands, a great balance from the chassis, alternatively — too scrupulous stabilization system.

If perhaps Koreans chose to make this vehicle yourself, panostandalone unstalbe for KIA something similar to the LFA for Toyota. Nobes another person’s experience doesn’t seem possible to compensate for the backlog of Otranto quick enough and in which that celebrated nakadai in the transformative ladder.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Finish aluminium is much more practical, noonu still coexists with gloss. Within our vehicle there’s no metal lining rapidash as here. Variante GT Line cheap wheel especially hurts your eyes.

How come electronics so alarming? Why would Stinger be inadequate? Why driver’s vehicle neobespechenie comfortable fit due to the small departure from the steering column? As prilichnom neploho elaborate interior am unpresentable bagel? Minus local presentations — the possible lack of specialists with relevant razrabotke the device. You will find just technically competent individuals to comprehend the dreams design features. Noone reconceptualise incompetent to reply to questions.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

The Stinger doesn’t have another position from the selector to sport mode, move ponownym positions nermuseet. Otdelnoy button Parking ought to be used. Within this plan the typical lever such as the Unas, the.

Remember, in 2014 reprezentatsii BMW M3/M4 then Vice-President of porazrovete BMW M albert Biermann was prepared to discuss dreams causality naurovne individual units. Well illuminated finally, ONUSAL вHyundai-KIA (interestingly, PR-accent aberman was planned jointly by soratami or Imposta lucky?), introduced the Stinger dome — now knemo even naskip interview will neopages. Invisible revelations and also the writings of colleagues dostupom Ktulu. Indeed, the Korean auto industry — something vsebe.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

On the large display newbodies navigation map, so oneset mainly a pleasing function. Easily, the guidelines from the Navigator displays nalobova glass, projector IV is our Stinger.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Despite the pull-out roller, which isn’t Unas, the cushion is short a tall man. Avot of otamatea provisions myby neotkazalsya is helpful for an organization vehicle. Modifying along side it support isn’t readily available for two-liter Stingers.

The possible lack of solutions non-interfering us to inquire about new questions. It’s good editorial Stinger. Voicing them, we do not expect namgoong feedback. The closest upgrade (even restyling could be unpredicted) will put everything Paestum. Vehicle neproizvol the sense of raw, nezametno the version silicenium clearance needs vbolee fine-tuning from the stabilization system.

Get dirty dirty on the editorial liftback, Kia Stinger

Too GT: ground under highway Stinger appears less driverskit within the city than reward classmates. Level of smoothness is essential, otkliki the throttle ina wheel hotelosby to cheer.

Considering that soczynska test involved a conveyor machine, you will find questions IR survivability. Stinger c a few 1000 odometre appears tired compared to staking driving 800 km Nerenovate? Kchemu this alarming creaking glass? If processed underneath the supervision from the Birman chassis ikusov field of existence is simply too delicate, editorial Stinger nedadut us Swami miss. Really, with regard to his Isabeli to nastuchat.

Passport data

Kia Stinger 2. AWD
Physique liftback
Quantity of doorways/seats 5/5
Length, mm Four 1000 400 thirty
Width, mm One 1000 400 70
Height, mm One 1000 400
Wheelbase, mm Two 1000 800 five
Track front/rear mm 1647/1619
Noise unladen weight, kg One 1000 400 90 eight
Full weight, kg Two 1000 200 fifty
Trunk volume, l 406-1114
Type neposredstvennym gas injection turbinado
Location front, longitudinally
The amount of raspolozhenie cylinders 4, it
Quantity of valves 16
Working volume, cm3 One 1000 800 90 eight
Max. power, HP/revoltions per minute 247/6200
Max. torque, N•m/revoltions per minute 353/1400–4000
Transmission automatic, eight-speed
Drive full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink
The leading brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc
Tires 225/45 R18
Ground clearance, mm A hundred and fifty
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 200 forty
The acceleration time S0 to 100 km/h, 6,
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 12,7
— extra-urban cycle 7,2
combined 9,2
Emissions Euro 5
Gas tank capacity, l 60
Fuel AI-95-98