How to overtake the slow-moving and not become a pedestrian?

Photo: Autovrtable

One of the situations that threatens the motorist with deprivation of rights is the overtaking of a slow-moving vehicle with an exit to the oncoming lane. When a maneuver can be done, but when is it fraught?

Spring! Summer residents jambled their “hacienda” and, alas, risk becoming a victim of their haste and illiteracy. Citizens who are tired of the stuffy city, strive to quickly reach their destination, making overtaking slow transport risky and in the wrong places. By the way, what is a slow boat and when can you make a maneuver?

For many this question will seem strange, and the answer to it is intuitively obvious. Nevertheless, the slow-moving car is not the one that travels slower than yours, but an absolutely definite concept, prescribed in the Rules of the Road. Low-speed can only be considered a vehicle whose passport maximum speed does not exceed 30 km / h. A technique that falls into this category, note the appropriate symbol – a triangle with a yellow or red trim, so drivers had no illusions, and they are not recorded in any slug machine, which seems a priori as such by a number of grounds. For example, the tractor “Belarus” often encountered in suburban and two-lane roads creates many inconveniences other traffic participants, to slow conventionally not applicable, because its maximum speed exceeds 30 km / h. But for an asphalt compactor, such a rate is unattainable, and it is pure water slowness.

Until July last year, you had the right to bypass such a “snail” with the corresponding sign on the stern on a two-lane road in the zone of the sign “Overtake is prohibited” (3.20). Actually, this is directly stated in the interpretation of the sign: “It is prohibited to overtake all vehicles, except for slow-moving vehicles, bicycles, mopeds and two-wheeled motorcycles without sidecar.”

Quite a different situation was in the presence of markup 1.11 (solid) or 1.11 (rebuilding is allowed only from one strip), but no sign prohibiting overtaking. Here, no exceptions were no longer expected – under the ban was any passing through a solid line. But, if the pointer was present, then the maneuver was resolved in the presence of both solid and markup 1.11 – the priority was at the mark.

The difference was present, but they got used to it. So much so that some drivers have been riding the old way for a year already. They are not aware of the point 9.1.1, which appeared in June 2017, and every time they risk, overtaking construction equipment, which rolls out in large numbers on the roads in spring and summer. For clarification, we turned to the lawyer and auto expert Sergei Smirnov: “The prohibition of overtaking is indicated by the traffic sign 3.20 (” Overtaking is prohibited “). In addition, as a rule, the prohibition is duplicated by a continuous markup line. Until July last year, there was a conflict in the traffic rules. On the one hand, regulations prohibit cross solid marking line, on the other hand, the explanation for 3.20 sign “No overtaking” allows the driver to overtake slow vehicles, carriages carts, bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles without lateral wheeled trailer. At the same time in the same traffic rules, priority is given to traffic signs above the markup. Towards slow ships are vehicles that can not construct a speed greater than 30 km / h and are marked with a special sign.

However, last summer a new item appeared in the traffic rules. And now there is a separate ban on traffic on the opposite lane, if it is separated by tram tracks, dividing line 1.1, 1.3 or marking 1.11 (if the broken line is on the left). This is explained to us by paragraph 9.1.1 of the Rules of the Road. Thus, if during the overtaking you see that the intermittent marking ends and a solid line starts, then you must immediately abandon the maneuver and return to the lane. Otherwise, you can lose your rights. If the sign prohibiting overtaking is not duplicated by a continuous marking line, then overtaking a slow-moving vehicle is allowed. “

We hope that now many will drop questions, overtake or not overtake, and on thematic forums there will be less panic questions than how to turn into a pedestrian for up to six months.