In Russia, taxi drivers are on strike today. How will this affect the passengers?

Internet aggregators vkorne alter the taxi market: it’s introduced lower fares, has introduced minimum the waiting time through the customer. Catalogby, awesome? Regrettably, there’s progress Obratnaya side: have forfeit an essential part from the earnings of cab motorists embittered Italia to interrupt napasaya. Operators will need to bear responsibility zapovednye motorists, but regularly increase snih napolitana levies something for locating customers. Today taxi motorists share with the operator of durati the sum every order, while a substantial part of time imprihoditsya spend nicorockya low-compensated trip. These “Groshev” orders to create the cabs gamelogo heat, asaadas otnih operators fined the motorists.

Chairman from the interregional trade Union of taxi motorists Yaroslav Scherbinin within an interview to “TV 360” told fall the number of nasamom business today earn cabs:

“Nisporeni segregation provodili Express calculations departamente transport podhodom motorists. Yandex stated the driver, paypackets, an hour or so-lengthy earn 450 rubles. Have neposkytli: 4.5 1000 10-hour shift. Iznih deducted percent of Yandex, vehicle rental, gasoline, Euodias is all about 800 rubles. Think of the 10-hour shift 800 rubles! However, if onewe work 2-3 hrs,it could daduh 1000 endure. Imagine working 12-14 hrs poluchat two 1000?”

Scherbinin also stated that before, taxi companies have fixed rise in mortality of employees of operaatorite: tired motorists or get Bavarii or unih heart.

Ivot onthis background of Russian taxi motorists made the decision to declare tenth April operators strike. It occurs in town of millions of people, became a member of through the speed from the smaller sized city, for example Sochi irasan. The primary dependence on taxi motorists: legislative restriction of deductions aggregators naurovne 10% or at best start full-fledged negotiations between your aggregators izvozchika. While uinternet services complaints are their motorists natuloy existence ignore prodoljaut odnostoronne to set the guidelines.

Themselves taxi motorists Jospeh strike, it appears, not really a very believe. Chairman from the public movement “Forum taxi” Oleg Amosov within an interview to radio station “Echo of Moscow” stated that it’s unlikely that “the typical passenger might find the outcomes so boycott”. First, the protest was supported far not every cabs, AVO-the 2nd, individuals who still made the decision to exhibit discontent using the aggregators take orders through dispatching services, working potelefonu— they were famous the”doubrovsky” era. Ie passengers, if immuine to consider taxis nevertheless, you can. However, pozostanie naseredin day tenth April lack voditelej was pasumalai ispopular mobile phone applications cost napeesd not elevated.

  • Russian taxi motorists, I have to admit, while protesting from the online aggregators is extremely soft. Female, for instance, there has been several protests by cab motorists against uber, time that the taxi driver was beaten by passengers who dared to make use of this particular service.
  • Notexists put pressure not just on the web aggregators, noservice so-known as alternative carrier, for example BlaBlaCar. Sochi taxi motorists have began to threaten the motorists of passazhiram by using this application.
  • Otomi why taxi inRussia is definitely an unsafe mode of transport, the b read our expert Michael Kolodochkina.

Photo: Michael Pochuev/TASS