Mercedes-Benz and Via start in Amsterdam

April 16, 2018 07:37

The American ‘mobility provider’ Via speaks of a successful European market introduction of its ride-sharing app in Amsterdam. The company has a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz and hopes that collaboration in other European cities.

In March Via and Mercedes started under the name ViaVans in Amsterdam. Our capital is the first European place where the Via app is usable, the company previously operated only in the American cities New York, Washington DC and Chicago. ViaVans offers users by means of an app rides, which are combined as much as possible with the transport needs of other users by a smart algorithm. The goal is – of course – to reduce the number of cars in the city, while users are still virtually transported from door to door. The cooperation with Mercedes-Benz to use Vito’s Tourer and V-Classes seems logical, because more people can get in than in a regular car. ViaVans wants to expand its service in the short term to include Berlin and London.

The fact that car manufacturers invest in sub-constructions such as these is not new and, moreover, a logical step towards autonomous transport solutions which, according to many automakers, are the future of urban mobility. Renault showed this at the Geneva Motor Show with the EZ-GO, a ‘car’ that special was developed for that purpose. The French brand is certainly not the first with such a means of transport and will not be the last. For the time being, the Mercedes ‘vans’ will still be accompanied by a driver.