Mitsubishi Pajero received a "farewell" version of the Final Edition
Nemeckom market announced an exclusive SUV Mitsubishi Pajero in the”farewell” version of the Final Edition. Thus, the Japanese company completes the sale of the iconic current generation in this European country. The special edition cars will be only 1000 copies.

Ingermany “farewell” SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition will be available in v3— and 5-door body. “Short” SUV General version based nasavi the available configuration Base.

Noautomount gets a set of unique 18-inch “skating rinks”, cruise control, automatic braking, heated front seats imnogoe more. Price— от37000евро (about 2802000рублей), чтона5000евро more than the base version.

WSS turn, 5-door “farewell” SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition based nasami luxury Dorohoi version of the model Top. The price of this car от49000евро (3711000рублей). Prietom the usual SUV komplektacii Torstai от47000евро.

Vosnesenie 5-door farewell SUV comes with a set of exclusive 20-inch wheels, additional skid plate, tinted optics, aluminum finish. Vnezavisimosti attipa of the body, the machine is equipped with a 3.2-liter diesel engine на190лошадиных forces. The transmission is “automatic”. Deprived.