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More Official Specs and Photos of the BMW M2 Competition!

+1 without pics, this is just Bimmerpost meltdown material.

PS – there’s no way the M2C only goes up 1% in price, right !?!?!?

I never expected 10K…but that seems artificially low to me.

Why does there have to be a price jump?

The cost per unit production is dropping with each that they make. Especially when they have oversold by 50 percent based on their own estimates.

The M2 Competition is essentially an iPhone S . or SE type model. It gets the better power unit ( battery /cpu) in the old chassis.

None of these new parts were DESIGNED for
The M2 aside from whatever work it took to route the cooling system and route the exhaust.

Mirrors – per @scott26 – derived from Upcoming X3M

Seats – straight from M4

Upgrade Brakes – 5 series

New Colors – yeah.

Seat stripes – ha !

S55 motor – straight from M3/M4

Did I get all the list of changes ?