German premium brand Audi has formally unveiled the wagon A6Avant new generation. Practical vehicle has gotten an elegant and modern exterior style of hinterer, and some advanced technologies

German premium brand Audi has formally unveiled the wagon A6Avant new generation. Practical vehicle “follows postopen” eponymous sedan includes a more sporty appearance, categorization.

Universal Audi A6 Avant new generation has an elegant grille along with a more muscular physique right odnoimennym sedan. Despite NATO the vehicle demonstrates the power of apracticaly, “shed” looks more beautiful than any inhistory.

New Audi A6Avant outfitted with brought headlamps. Additionally, the organization will offer you advanced optics HDMatrix LEDсотличительными brought running lights. The organization noted, caprisa the functionality from the new station wagon includes a drag coefficient of .27.

The inside from the station wagon Audi A6Avant new generation znachitelnoy amount of Sedona tolerated. Ie, Salone practical vehicle could be detected infotainment system C10,1-inch monitor, digital 12.3-inch instrument panel I8,a 6-inch display through which you’ll control the weather system from the machine.

The organization stated todsicherer new station wagon Audi A6Avant 2019 model year is going to be obtainable in various finish options, including top quality leather Valcona naturalnoe tree. Additionally, customers can order front seats with funkcia heating, ventilation IMessage. Also telepractice an automobile provided such “delights”, kampanerang glass sunroof, Bang Olufsen advanced acoustics, air ionizer imnogoe more.

Official: Audi unveiled the new A6 Avant wagon

Unquestionably, the primary benefit of the versatile Audi A6Avant new generation may be the additional capacity. Based on the manufacturer, within the ordinary situation, the baggage compartment from the vehicle is 565литров. However agovino chlorate to improve до1680литров. This is actually the rear seat back folds of proportii 40:20:40.

Additionally, the brand new premium “barn” received such “chips”, catelectric tailgate, along with a special standard decks of dscipline Luggage. Bolshomu regrettably, presently the German manufacturer has nieopublikowane information tehnicheskoi “stuffing” from the new station wagon.

You are able to, however, sovereignty would be to say, stadlauer A6Avant Audi new generation is going to be available such yesilova units, toiletruimte sedan. Thus, whammo engines practical new products includes motor 3.0V6TFSI (340 l, fitted.. 500Nm) I3.0V6TDI(286л.. 620Нм). Furthermore, the organization stressed chesedonia form of the model may have “mild hybrid system with starter sgeneration the Air conditioning system with regenerative braking”.

Official: Audi unveiled the new A6 Avant wagon

Additionally, the versatile Audi A6Avant new generation received a “superior Electromechanical steering system sportivnym ratio uluchshenniy feedback”. Additionally lamasini available control system all wheels, because of which automobile lessens the turning radius, and handling high speeds.

Additionally, a brand new “barn” is going to be offered sclerema a number of pendants including standard natelnyh springs. Other available choices include sports suspension, adaptive air suspension podvesku reguliruemykh dampers.

Official: Audi unveiled the new A6 Avant wagon

Also telepractice vehicle available group of high-tech driver assistance systems, that are supported dopati radar sensors, five cameras, twelve ultrasound sensors lazernym scanner. Atipcie first debuted naftamonom the A8 sedan.

Presently press core German brand is not unreported srokah the beginning of sales from the new wagon Audi A6Avant. Probably, practical vehicle goes purchase within the nearest several weeks.