Owner rusty Geely through the courts forced the Chinese to pay him 1.2 million rubles

A resident of Perm bought the car brand Geely in 2014. Three years later, the body began to rust, and the owner of the car contacted the authorized service center for warranty repair. Mechanics smoothed out and painted over the rust, but after some time she ran again. The owner decided to conduct an independent examination of the state of the body. It showed that the existing defects are production and eliminate them is impossible at all desire. With this conclusion the man came to OOO “GEELY-MOTORS” with a request to return him the money for the defective car, was refused, and then filed a lawsuit.

The interests of the motorist was represented by the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers “the Legal centre of the Solution” and won first process in the district court. The manufacturer has tried to appeal to the Perm regional court, but it failed. Thus, the plaintiff, according to the court, will receive from company “GEELY-MOTORS” the cost of the car — 715 950 rubles, the difference in price is 123 050 rubles compensation for moral damages 10 000 rubles, the penalty is 250 000 and the fine is 100 000 rubles. Total: 1 199 000 rubles.

  • Earlier in July, the owner of the Lada Grants from Penza sued triple the cost of the car for rust on the body.
  • Also in July, another Permyak seized a large amount of altrusim from the body shop that ruined the engine of his SUV Volkswagen Touareg.

Photo: Geely