Road signs on sticks has caused confusion among drivers

Photo: Dmitry Kharitonchik /

Residents of the Samara region found that along one of the trails, the speed limit signs are not installed on the pillars, and cut down the branches. Motorists are now wondering whether to follow the requirements of signs set forth by GOST?

Signs which, apparently, saved the road, appeared on the track Kinel ‘ -Cherkassy — farm worker a week ago. Design is a crooked stuck in the ground poles from the cut branches, which wire is fixed round the sign. Pictures of road signs with local portal shared by one of the readers.

Some drivers have suggested that this is just someone’s joke, and reminded that signs must be installed to the national standard. Others noted that local police officers may ambush motorists who will not follow the prescription of these signs and break the speed limit. Still others reacted to the situation with irony — one of the users suggested that "if water is poured on the branch, speed limit sign "Fifty" can grow during a season "Ninety".

In local management of traffic police in response to the question of the publication of KP, Samara responded that they intend to investigate the situation "during working hours after official request".