The cab: expectations and the harsh reality of the cruel world

Apparently, searching navatanee, many Russians are seriously thinking about the job of taxi as supply of additional earnings. Analysts project JopTop conducted research about how vmoskve differ mentioned salary tems that, really, the motive force will get naruki.

Knowing from povecanjem, being employed as taxis driver vmoskve business lucrative: only 11% of taxis indicate the driver works take under 65,000 rubles. About 29% promise earnings within от75до 90тысяч rubles, 30%— от90до 110 1000 rubles, aese third аж130 1000 rubles and greater.

However vrealnosti generate the psychologically important quantity of 100 1000 rubles, you are able to only theoretically— if you’re working virtually night and day 7 days vnedelyu.

Realize that the IP of applicants, the majority of whom (62%) WSS summary indicate the amount of preferred earnings в50тысяч rubles: half intending to от30до 50tysyach rubles, a10,3% are prepared to work 15–30 1000 roubles. In regards to a third wish to от50до 65тысяч rubles only 2.3% of having the ability to consider taxis drives themself under за85тысяч rubles.

“It’s apparent the plot is just impossible, since it is not oekspluatatsii unmanned taxi ojevich people,— stated the mind from the project JobTop Elza Egorova.— It remains a mysterious why employers such lengths— typically just one vacancy taksoparka have до22резюме applicants. Possibly it is really an make an effort to get more qualified employees, but vrealnosti it just results in coslogeni the connection from the worker and also the employer iuvelicheniyu turnover”.

The actual earnings of motorists get reduced than guaranteed, even if fully loaded best driver will get typically 61654 RUB.

Photo: Roman Pimenov/inter/TASS