The Toyota car company considers unprofitable local production of Land Cruiser Prado in Russia

The head of St. Petersburg grounds of the Japanese car brands Masashi Ishida in particular emphasized that there are a number of actual causes, because of which the local production of Land Cruiser Prado car in Russia car companies are unprofitable.

However, the cars of this avtomarki will continue to be supplied to the Russian market. According to a top Manager, a waiver of the local production of the SUV is dictated discussed including the global cost of upgrading the plant in the Northern capital.

Because structurally, the Land Cruiser Prado has global distinction with the same RAV4 and Camry.

Moreover, in recent years, the volume of sales of the vehicle models in Russia don’t show a record of results.

However, the Russian motorists do not have to fear interruptions in the delivery of the latest versions of the Land Cruiser Prado.

Car dealerships Toyota will always have available a sufficient number of vehicles of this brand.