UAZ Patriot went up. And may soon become even more expensive

Thus, the cost of the SUV crossed the psychological mark в700 thousand rubles basic version of the classic will cost в719000 RUB Nataku resume increased price tags Nostalgie equipment: “Optimum”, “Prestige” and”Maximum”.

If a foreign company raising prices, argue that the new rates of the utilization fee,in case swasam this explanation does not pass— the letter machine Assembly aznachit plant receives compensation theá. Nieto more news. General Director Oise vladelec Sollers (arindrajit plant), Vadim Shvetsov, said that the plant could raise rates again if the dollar will poputchitsa below 60rub.

It is connected with a higher number of foreign components. Ponekotorym data, the localization of the Patriot lower than Uryadov foreign cars collected in Russia, ine exceeds 47%.

Vyazovoy version of the SUV includes domestic “transfer case” smehanicheskie drive control, in black painted mirror housings Alvernia handle, 16-inch stamped wheels. Issah security systems are only ABS, driver airbag inertsionno straps. But still the power Windows of all doors, asarkale have a seat obogrev.

Top of the range “Maximum” за989000 rubles involves the transfer case Dymos elektromehanicheskiy control mnogestvo comfortable options, including a rear view camera.

Photo: UAZ