A little concerning the manufacturer
Brand Lassa started in 1974. In 1988, the organization signed a cooperation agreement using the famous Japanese concern Bridgestone. It had been a fateful decision. Today the Turkish company Brisa at its peak. This really is best shown by the next details:
• the biggest manufacturing facility in Europe (its area – 361000 m2)
• own development and research center
• the development amount of tyres is ten million each year (based on this qualifying criterion occupies the seventh place among European manufacturers).

Additionally, Lassa tyres can be used for original equipment on the majority of cars. The clients list includes corporations:
• Mercedes Benz
• Toyota
• Honda
• Ford
• Renault.

Comfortable conditions for purchasing tires was already produced, so you’re ready to purchase something for the vehicle.

Summer time tyres Lassa Driveways for that Ukrainian roads
Summer time tyres Lassa Driveways created for middle-class sedans. Also appropriate for luxury cars. A range of various sizes having a diameter of 15-18.
Key benefits:
1. Noise. This can be a a key point which engineers focus their attention. On dry roads the tires Lassa Driveways really quiet here, no complaints. As well as on a wet – a bit noisy. The noise result in a wide longitudinal grooves and diagonal cuts within the shoulder area, which efficiently expel the fluid in the wheels, and prevent aquaplaning. A lot complaints about noise, no, security is much more important.
2. Grip on wet pavement. Everything here’s foreseeable: check your grip is great, the drainage too. Based on tests by TUV SUD, in comparison to tires of competitors the type of Lassa Driveways shorter braking distance by 8%, and moving resistance – greater than 9%.

Behavior on the highway The tires can be found in speed ratings V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h), which enables to mix high-speed and luxury from city roads.

Eco-friendly summer time tyres Lassa Greenways
Within the products of the organization Brisa highlighted in “eco-friendly” summer time tyres Lassa Greenways. Their primary advantage is efficiency. Based on tests TUV SUD, on these tires it can save you as much as 5.5% fuel.
Also, the engineers managed:
• improved traction when driving inside a straight line at 10%
• lessen the stopping distance of three.7 meters
• improve grip when cornering at 13%.
The outcomes acquired in comparison with the prior types of Lassa.

All-season tire Lassa Competus A/T2
For SUVs and pickups has good all-season tire Lassa Competus A/T2. These come in 15 sizes with rim diameter from 15 to 18.
Distinctive features:
1. Grip on dry roads. The aggressive tread pattern of atypical shape enables Lassa Competus A/T 2 with confidence hang on to any surface. Bus confident “holds” the street at medium speeds on dry pavement. These answers are achieved through tread pattern with two wide circumferential channels and various sloping drainage grooves. Sloping shoulder area and here is useful – it improves handling in turns.
2. Grip on wet roads. Based on tests by TUV SUD, the engineers could reduce braking distance by 10%, reduce moving resistance by 38% and also to improve handling when cornering at 15%. For drainage meet two longitudinal funnel along with a special groove.
3. Grip on dirt. Good handling on “mud surface” is supplied through the wide lugs around the sidewall.
4. Movement on gravel areas. The contact place isn’t clogged with small pebbles because of the special draughts that cut lamellae.
5. Reinforced sidewall. With this the engineers deserve special praise. Tires can certainly withstand shocks and occasional temperatures. Plus protected against punctures and cuts.
The drawbacks range from the noise and elevated fuel consumption. But all it’s because the marking of theOrCapital t (All-Terrain), these shortcomings typical for those tires within this category. Also all season tires aren’t appropriate for movement within the ice. However in slush shows perfectly.

High end and reasonable cost – these popular tires Lassa. They overcome Europe, and today developing quickly in Ukraine. If you are looking at tyres within the medium cost segment it’s time to consider the road of Turkish manufacturer. Individuals who’ve experienced them for action, was satisfied. You can observe on your own, the advantage of feedback from Ukrainian motorists possess the Internet.