The park and ride liked by many motorists doesn’t always involve employing a bus, but instead means making a folding bike. The idea is always to park where it’s free or cheap, then complete your vacation on two wheels. There’s no messing about with racks, along with your bike is safely stored from sight inside the boot keep.

Folding bikes may also be a cost-effective and practical approach to making short journeys simpler, particularly in community centres, spending less on fuel and parking. You may even skip jams and fit.

Once the poor relation in the cycling world, with low-quality parts plus a poor riding experience, folding bikes are actually transformed, with a lot of while using the latest materials and technology to improve their functional range for individuals levels of rider.

Therefore the ideal commuting or city trip companion? We attempted nine different bikes for the greatest.

The way you tested them

Key this is the way well all the designs fold, as they need to fit easily in the vehicle boot. And then we looked for individuals who visited the littlest package. Employing a folding bike getting an automobile means riders will fold and unfold the bike on every trip, and then we timed how extended it needed. They are frequently transported, too, so each machine was considered.

Compact wheels can alleviate folding, but tend to provide an adverse effect on the riding experience, and then we looked to have an appropriate, yet agile ride with greater stability. Finally we needed into account cost, acquired from a number of online sources during prone to press.


Another impressive showing from British brand Brompton, with two bikes inside the top three. Its M6L model is a good all-rounder, because the S2L-X impressed having its lightweight frame and sporty handling. In second, the Dahon EEZZ deserves its place just like a small yet robust folder getting an imaginative little design.

  1. 1. Brompton M6L
  2. 2. Dahon EEZZ
  3. 3. Brompton S2L-X


Brompton M6L

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Cost: Around 1,000
Weight: 12.2kg Rating:

The versatile M6L gave a outstanding all-round showing. Our bike – built with riser handlebars, six-speed gearing as well as the standard-spec steel frame – was comfortable on the road, and nimble having its 16-inch wheels.

Nevertheless it was the ingenious British engineering that scored the Brompton most likely probably the most points. It might fold in almost one movement, when you’ve still got the bike’s robust quality. The few practical extras – just like a pump and lights – are useful additions, but push-in the cost.

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Dahon EEZZ

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Cost: Around 800
Weight: 9.7kg Rating:

This small Dahon folded lower is easily the most compact here unquestionably. This is accomplished having a frame that’s smaller sized sized than competitors’, while using EEZZ having to pay getting an extended seat and take proper care of posts. Its intuitive folding mechanism can help you unfold the bike in a couple of seconds.

With three gears, the Dahon is fantastic for short urban rides, but while its light frame and small, narrow wheels encourage agility, it’ll come at the cost of a suitable ride.

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Brompton S2L-X

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Cost: Around 1,250
Weight: 9.8kg Rating:

Joining its test-winning, all-rounder sister model inside the top three, the super-light S2L-X can be a more performance-orientated folder from Brompton.

A few of their frame includes steel, like other Brompton bikes, the S2L-X differs becasue it is rear swing-arm and forks are produced from titanium. This, along with cutting the gears lower to two, saves key kilograms, since it weighs just 9.8kg. Consequently, it’s very portable and faster on the road, in this top spec, it’s costly.

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Prodrive Hummingbird

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Cost:Around 3,495
Weight:6.9kg Rating:

The 6.9kg Hummingbird is produced almost entirely of graphite.It’s apparent the newcomer is years before its rivals becoming an innovative lightweight folder, nonetheless your buck puts it of achieve for most of us. Being incredibly lightweight,offers the bike fast, agile handling, in addition to helps it be better to hold for the vehicle.Folding the Hummingbird takes seconds. However, this only puts it in the part-compact condition. The key wheel, pedals and seatpost must then be removed making it a maximum of possible.

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Tern Vektron

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Cost: Around 3,000
Weight: 21kg Rating:

Unsure about relying on pedal power alone? The Tern Vektron e-bike could be the answer.

Having its battery-powered Bosch motor, the Tern Vektron adds somewhat power for every pedal stroke. This can be in your favor, using the idea to zip along at greater speeds, to be able to simply put less energy to the ride, though it won’t work on the motor alone. It’s a refined package, nevertheless the Vektron is very heavy, which is not compact when folded. The price will probably be excessive for several, too.

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Dawes Gem

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Cost: Around 300
Weight: 14.7kg Rating:

This really is really exactly the same Dawes Gem that came out inside our last test of folding bikes a few years back. While newer rivals clearly make the most of more advancements in technology, the Dawes remains the ideal choice.

The Gem is much better price of the cheaper bikes here. Despite an alloy frame, it’s somewhat heavy, but quality feels solid as well as the ride is stable on 20-inch wheels.

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Carrera Intercity

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Cost: Around 350
Weight: 12.7kg Rating:

The Carrera does fight while using Dawes Gem just like a like-for-like rival. Similarly, this really is really exactly the same Intercity model which came out inside our previous test.

They’re hardly outdated, though, and performance good-quality, affordable options to use each day. The Carrera’s eight gears ensure it is handier, but it’s just a little awkward to fold.

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Raleigh Stow-E Way

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Cost: Around 1,100
Weight: 19.7kg Rating:

Another e-bike that eases the strain of pedalling. Like the Tern Vektron, the motor unit adds ability to the pedal stroke, with various levels of effort and intervention, twinned with eight conventional bike gears to complement all users.

The Raleigh is considerably cheaper, however, this comes at the cost of range, which, at 30 miles, is all about half individuals from the Vektron’s.

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Apollo Contour

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Cost: Around 225
Weight: 13.9kg Rating:

Simple can be as simple does while using Apollo. While its set-up is undeniably budget, it serves its purpose just like a cheap bike you should use and mistreated.

It’s unquestionably minimal costly on test, but is pretty heavy, awkward to interrupt lower and enormous when folded. But it’ll still easily fit into most vehicle boot spaces, as well as the seven-gear set-up works well. Mudguards plus a luggage rack add extra value.

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