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Details about these updates you can read in the tests of AUTO-Consulting, the main data for reference, we provide in this article. To anyone not to give additional benefits have new items in alphabetical order.

Someone may not like a new BMW X3 – so the old X5. The third generation of the X3 cheaper than the old X5, but not inferior to him in capacity (5 people), dynamics, comfort and most importantly ride quality. Yes, and off-road abilities of the X3 is almost a Rover. According to AUTO-Consulting, the results of 4 months BMW X3 on the 6-th position in the D segment Premium SUV.

Test drive BMW X3. Come to “heel” X5

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

This Chinese crosswire front-wheel drive only. But ground clearance of 186 mm makes Chery Tiggo 2 in the civilized terrain. In salon four, the comfort is quite decent, and if not look for a emblem, you will never say that going to the Chinese car. The origin of the issue good price and good equipment. According to AUTO-Consulting, in the current year, Chery Tiggo 2 is a serious 4-th position among all models class B SUV and the first in its segment.

Test drive Chery Tiggo 2. Don’t look at the logo

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

Unlike Chery Tiggo 2, Citroen C3 Aircross it is immediately evident that he was a Frenchman. In the best sense of the word. Striking design inside and out, makes this urban crossover favorite car in the family. Drive – only the front. In the cabin for the long journey of space on the 4. ground clearance allows you to safely travel to a country picnic. According to AUTO-Consulting the results of 4 months of 2018 Citroen C3 Aircross is 16th in the overall standings of the B models SUV.

Test drive the Citroen C3 Aircross: As easy to lighten the mood

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

New Honda CR-V became even more comfortable, but it has not lost its off-road abilities. This is the car for those who like Japanese cars in American version. Four – wheel drive, the cabin is spacious for five. Quite suitable for long journeys even for not very civilized. According to AUTO-Consulting since the beginning of this year, Honda C-RV rose to 14-th position in the C segment SUV.

Test drive Honda CR-V. the Beauty who is not afraid of monsters

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

Japanese-German work Infiniti QX30 – a true premium sporty urban crossover. Dynamic, very comfortable, cute and even gambling. On long journeys in the cabin it will be better four. But for short city trips, enough space and five. Wheel drive but the ground clearance is small. Therefore, even on slippery surfaces (snow, mud, ice) drive safe. But off-road is limited to trips to picnics in parks. But, thanks to good high-speed characteristics, to cover the distance between the cities on the asphalt quickly. According to AUTO-Consulting, today, the Infiniti QX30 in the first place in sales in the C segment SUV Premium.

Test drive the Infiniti QX30. Japanese with a diploma from Stuttgart

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

Youth urban front wheel drive crossover KIA Stonic ensure ease of movement and comfort while traveling on roads and light off road. Well managed, has helpful assistants to the driver and compact dimensions allow for easy maneuvering in the most adverse conditions. In salon four. According to AUTO-Consulting, sales, 2018, KIA Stonic in 9th place in class B SUV.

Test drive KIA Stonic. The kid who’s not afraid to growl on the Sportage

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

This frame SUV, which are not cramped on city streets and not scary even a serious virgin – this is a new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Spacious interior for five, brand four-wheel drive and proven reliable design, the new Pajero complements presentable appearance, electronic driver AIDS and a comfortable ride. According to AUTO-Consulting, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport D SUV (Low Cost+Volume).

10 reasons to pay attention to Mitsubishi Pajero Sport when choosing an SUV

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

In spite of the not brutal appearance, updated Nissan X-Trail, has not lost its off-road qualities. We can say that with every update, he just acquired more comfort and moved up to premium crossovers. Good for the city and for long distance travel. The cabin will have a comfortable 5th. According to AUTO-Consulting, the Nissan X-Trail today 4 sales segmente C SUV Volume.

Test drive the upgraded Nissan X-Trail: Snow RAID on the worst roads of Ukraine

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

Opel Crossland X – a typical urban crossover in the best sense of the word. It is economical, has great internal space, and is convenient for tight city Parking. Four is enough space in the cabin, but if the travel route is not extreme, you will get anywhere.

Test drive Opel Crossland X: middle ground between SUV and minivan

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

Czech new Skoda Karoq we have offered only in front-wheel version. Therefore, to conquer new ground, it is better not to go. But thanks to good ground clearance Karoq, with asphalt on it to move out not scary. Even where large pits and potholes. Karoq good for long journeys, and has an excellent smoothness. In the cabin easily fit 5 people (including the driver). According to AUTO-Consulting, despite the fact that the Skoda Karoq sold a couple of months, this crossover is a 12 position in the C segment SUV Volume.

Test drive Skoda Karoq. The battle of Poltava

Travel for every taste. A review of the 10 best new SUVs

Good choice. Thanks to the popularity SUV, automobile manufacturers today offer vehicles of different sizes and varying degrees of attachment to a solid surface. But, most importantly, different price categories. There than to go on a trip.

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