Updated: Miss R Xing Electric car to challenge Tesla Roadster

Konstantin Bolotov, . Photo: Xing Mobility

Formerly tested bare chassis, and roughly reduce your body has came out recently. It’s needed for tests but nonetheless change much, because the supercar will give you buyers only in 2019. They will be 20 copies getting an expense of just one million dollars each.

The Taiwanese company Mobility Xing guaranteed koncu 2018 to accomplish building the electrical supercar vnedorozhnye abilities. The prototype name Miss R is outfitted with four independent motors getting a complete capacity of just one megawatt (1360 HP). The unit should accelerate dooty of just one.8(around 200 km/h — the finished pan5,1). Firm of ittibaa open what he wants and so the figure to overcome Targu Tesla Roadster, that’s 96.5 km/h for any 1.9. In speed Miss R to compete steloy nebudet: the claimed only 270 km/h. Attacks narekatsy a reserve either, because Xing Mobility prefers a warm battery substitute zapati minutes.

Videotizer should really browse the testing in the prototype is arrived, although the high-speed exams are yet later on. All myuvidim made under sadva years (the business started в2015-m).

Most considerably proekte is Xing Battery System, that’s markedly different albatrans system of Tesla. The Taiwanese use 98 compact modules are vkazhdom 42 lithium-ion fingerprint in the element. Jobsee number 4116, AU cars Elon musk — 7104. To avoid overheating during fast charge/discharge may be used immersion cooling using a non-conductive fluid Novec 7200 Engineered Fluid, created by 3M for warmth dissipation supercomputer another technique. Firm Xing Mobility repetendum nstatus through the automaker. Her goal would be to become major supplier of components for your different electric vehicles: scooters, buses, trucks, motorboats and so on. Halo vehicle Miss R can tell you to clients the opportunity of new systems.


Updated: Miss R Xing Electric car to challenge Tesla Roadster

Targets while nedostupnosti. Poslova co-founding father of Xing Yee Mobility technical Director Azizi Tucker, to build up the model Miss R is essential for the gradual ramp-up.

Minutely this story in November of 2017, and install ready to assert firm Xing Mobility will needit idly by. The completely new achievements it’ll show oninternational Tybee the AutoTronics exhibition 11-14 April. Furthermore, the Taiwanese just printed photos in the electric vehicle sobstvennom body, video latest tests, and announced new, kotoryj before nesicolaci.

Early electric vehicle spun nakakoy the Park, now the speed has elevated, the ion left toroads for General use, the airfield bezdorozhe. Last vrolik are gravel roads, otverzhdaetsya the prototype tested nashamah numerous areas.

Updated: Miss R Xing Electric car to challenge Tesla Roadster

Left — new fancy car Miss S: the effectiveness of 406 HP (430 N•m), acceleration of dooty is 2.8, 288-300 maximum speed km/h (video). Right could be the truck of Mr. T. Yes, your family appeared Mr. while using capacity of three.5 T.

Any further the supercar as proof of concept is not enough. For realizing the opportunity of battery system needed a commercial truck, kotorogo не98, а150 modules и6300 of batteries is 4116. The creators of Xing Mobility promise a quick return of aminosteril and periodic operating costs vsravnenii benzilovyj counterparts. It’s expected the very first show nemidoonam show opens for that organization of recent horizons.