Volvo has experienced in California new service

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Volvo

The ability to share through a Network of secure digital keys originally incorporated in the latest model of the Volvo XC40, but over time, all Volvo will be trained in this.

American division of Volvo announced the successful test in California new service Pickup and Delivery. It uses the technology of digital car key and saves time for the owner wishing to attend the service. Now the driver of the company customize the swing car to home or office and takes out the main car repair or maintenance. At the end of the service the driver the dealer will drive the car at the specified address and take a swing. All without the direct involvement of the customer.

Volvo has experienced in California new service

New services have become possible thanks to the development of the platform Volvo On Call. After tests in California Volvo intends to progressively extend the service Pickup and Delivery for all States.

We will add that remote gas station and car wash Volvo is already available in the Bay area of San Francisco and in Seattle (your car will serve without your participation, just a few clicks on your phone or tablet). And in Europe on the same technological basis is a delivery in the trunk online orders, including groceries. In the future we can imagine buying cars through a Network when the ordered car driver surpasses directly to your home, the key dealer resets cell (no wonder the Swedes have stated that they eventually want to completely abandon the physical keys of the machine, that is, even key fobs, giving all at the mercy of smartphones).