But the mayor - Porsche Panamera! New song Seeds Slepakova about roads and cars

When the outdoors roads are failing, avtobusy no more fit, and ambulinia fracture attempting to determine by touch, you realize, washago mayor just made an appearance Porsche Panamera using the number 777. Her new song popular local comedians. Vrodeby funny Isadore, if perhaps nebilo so sad uznavaemo.

This, obviously, not stolice where isinteractive phones, vavtobus, okay. It sabiratelno the look of the regional town, unto that the road is struggling that “natracare people break legs”. However, this news is struggling! The city has three tram, however, without glasses, is avtobusy, although vnih this type of crowd the “living there will be nekagda granny”. Naves the town one ambulance, Yuzno to be really healthy to Autodata.

However if you simply go ahead and take “climate of popelnice”,that isn’t to state that transportom in trouble— because umera Porsche Panamera nomerami a 777! Please be aware nayru words— who within the host? Mr. mayor, therefore he imagina— Porsche pan mayor! Ived nobody would reason that the vehicle is nice, the NIS mayor, nieslony citizens. Yes, expensive, Devon:

“Soft skin, ass breathing.
Private buzz— breathtaking roof.
Ionizes the environment Salone,
So as not to have the stench from the street”.

So otdelno taken the mayor all vzhizni great uslovnyi citizens need to go!

  • However, eventually justice genesthat each one of these “mayors”. So, the previous Governor from the Sakhalin region Alexander Horoshavin has received its 13years penal colony and also the penalty Five Hundred Dollars mln rubles, ego cars still sell molotka. Introduced forth the end result after Renaldo went!
  • Ivoobsche, because it switched out, the wealthy should you prefer a Bentley, so after time the semen Slepakov should locate a rhyme already pleateu brand.

Photo: YouTube