Confused: the driver hit the cyclist, but was attacked by a biker

Judging by the date display on the video recorder, the incident occurred on may 14, but the official timeline of the police of the Crimea and Sevastopol it at the time our publication was not mentioned, so it is unknown if it’s found and punished or inadequate, the driver of the Volvo.

In the video you can see how the crossover hurried knocks at the crosswalk a cyclist trying to overtake him in the opposite lane. After that, the driver of the Volvo partitions off the road and out of the car to punish him prevented the cyclist, but then, as luck would have it, passing by the motorcyclist, and the man attacked him — apparently, he did not understand, who exactly shot down, the brain is imprinted only two-wheeled vehicle.

What ended the incident is unknown, but it is hoped that the traffic police will take any action against the enraged intruder, attacker in broad daylight on innocent citizens.

Photo: YouTube