CTP: now the problems motorcyclists

First, problems with the design of the CTP felt only the residents of the toxic regions, that is those which have developed a storm of activity avtoyuristy. Then they joined the ranks of owners of buses and taxis, which are considered unprofitable category.

And now pariahs in the insurance companies have become motorcyclists, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. A few of them is able to go, without delay a policy of “autocitizen” — or send to the Central office, or the imposing of additional services, for example, life insurance or apartment, then CTP will issue immediately. Motorcyclists complain to each other in various forums, to no avail pester offices of various insurance companies. But so insurers are punished not so much motorcyclists, how many motorists, after all, most of the collisions occur with vehicles. Forums bikers advise each other not to insure, if such a thing. The penalty for not have a policy of only 800 rubles, but first need to catch this motorcyclist, to find out that he doesn’t have insurance. But then the victim will have to repair the car at their own expense, as the motorcyclist has no insurance, there may not be money, and then have to recover from it in court. Yes, and the injured pedestrian will also be forced to pay for drugs out of pocket, and litigation can take months.

Meanwhile, the contract of insurance is public and officially, the insurer may not refuse to its conclusion. The policyholder is entitled to make a written statement about the conclusion of the contract, and the insurer is obliged to consider it within a month. If a written application is submitted, submitted all the documents, then after a month he is obliged to conclude the contract. To be safe it is better to make audio or video recording, in case of refusal you can complain to the PCA or the Central Bank.

There is another way, the newspaper reminds, if “motor” is imposed with additional, not to argue and to insure with them, and then use the “cooling period”, which allows you to refuse unnecessary VAS within 10 working days, while leaving the current insurance policy.

In connection with this situation bikers are advised to engage in design policy at least a month before they are going to get behind the wheel of a motorcycle. And I remind you that at the conclusion of the insurance contract, the insurer is entitled to request vehicle inspection, this law is not inconsistent.

You can also try to conclude a contract in electronic form by registering on the website of the insurer’s personal office and fill out an application on conclusion of the contract. If that doesn’t work for some reason, you can sign the contract on the ground of RSA, using the system “E-Garant”. However, in this case, the insurance company will offer to enter into a contract is determined by the number of the passport of the vehicle randomly.

Photo: TASS