Drunk and a fence to the knee. As the police arrested a young thief

Police later in the evening drew attention to the “nine”, which went quickly and with the lights off. Suspecting that the driver is drunk, the police asked him to stop but he just sped on. The guards, turning on lights and alarms began to chase the offender. At some point the young man realized that the police catch up with him, abandoned the car and dashing jumped through the gate of the fence, not even noticing that they are open. The policeman followed him, he managed to catch up with the fugitive.

Violations of the 24-year-old men were directly bouquet: earlier repeatedly judged, he decided to take a ride and broke into the car standing in the yard. On top of that he was drunk and had no rights. The man ignored police demands and was driving with a traffic violation.

As stated in the police report against him a criminal case under part 1 of article 166 of the criminal code “Theft”. Maximum sanction of this article provides imprisonment for the term up to five years.

And the last interesting point in this story: the car returned to the owner who didn’t even know about the missing of ownership!

  • On leave of the bailiff alerted by the strange behavior of the driver on the road. When he stopped at the curb, he drove up to see what was the matter. It turned out that the man behind the wheel drunk, and the Sheriff was left with no choice but to hold him until the police arrived.
  • This strange story happened in Omsk region: drunk pedestrians, suspecting that the driver does not slow down at the crosswalk, began to destroy his car, and when he came out to beat him. Frightened, the driver ran away, and the bullies decided to take a ride on his car.
  • A screenshot of the video: YouTube, depositphotos