Police masquerade: the driver bound and beaten

In Chelyabinsk broke the scandal because of the involvement of armed men in police uniforms in a brutal road disassembly. One of the drivers was nearly beaten to death, and the “guardian of order” not only did not stop the fight, but in the process put the victim in handcuffs, after which that began to beat even stronger. Later it turned out that it has nothing to do with the police, and the form and handcuffs could “borrow” on maternity leave his wife, who is actually in the MIA.

The shocking incident happened around midnight on may 27 in the North-West of Chelyabinsk. Dmitry Bekhterev on the Volkswagen Jetta was returning home from the girl. 21-year-old boy was driving down a deserted street with a minimum flow of passing cars when on the road there was white van during a dangerous maneuver cut in front of spondylitis. He signaled and drove on. However, two men, Vyacheslav Nikolaev and Evgeny Domracheva, who was sitting in a white car, it revolted, and they decided to punish the “educator” and began to pursue him.

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As told “Газете.Ru” a close friend spondylitis Artem, he tried to avoid conflict and decided to escape the yard. But it didn’t work, and when the young man again went on the road and began to accelerate, the pursuing Volkswagen van hit him in the rear right wing, then the Jetta drove off the road.

Two attackers ran to the car, one of them broke a leg, the driver’s window and began to strike the opponent blows to the head, trying to pull the keys out of the car. However, he has damaged the handlebars, broken levers, turn signals and wipers.

From multiple blows to the head, the victim began to lose consciousness, but still made a last attempt to avoid punishment. He hit the gas and a few meters dragged hanging on the door of Nikolaev. After the assailant fell, Bekhterev was able to leave, but only until the next intersection. There he was forced to stop at traffic lights.

“There came a man in uniform, like police, and started to pull out spondylitis of the car. At this point the guy let go of the pedal and crashed into the front standing at the crossroads

Geely. Pulled from a cabin of the driver, a man in police uniform handcuffed him, while not presenting any charges”, — said Artem.

At this point, standing behind a dark Jetta sedan, whose driver seems to be scared of what is happening, decided not to intervene in the scuffle, turned in two solid and tried to leave in the opposite direction. However, he raced to intercept the white sedan. The attackers mistook a dark-colored sedan car with spondylitis and blocked it, but after finding out a run went to Volkswagen, where he continued brutally beating the already handcuffed the guy.

The video, filmed by eyewitnesses, it is clear that Bekhterev tries to escape but he goes: he falls to the ground, and the assailants continued to beat him on the head. When the victim fell, mad men became fierce to kick him and step on his head.

One of the attackers also threatened the woman who does the videos and trying to ward off attackers from lying on the pavement a young man.

Present during the chaos the police are acting in a detached and not tried to pull the Duo aggressors. While in the midst of a fight he suddenly pulled out of the holster unknown gun and shot into the air. However, it is not made in beating of driver men any effect.

About the same time to the place of brawls, a car drove up DPS. People in the form of a relaxed greeted one of the cops — both handed each other’s hands simultaneously, and it seems that men are obviously familiar with.

Inspectors of traffic police tried to stop the attackers, but those in the answer nearly attacked the police. The witnesses at this point, screaming that urgently need to call an ambulance.

Over the next 30 minutes came three more cars of traffic police, but the ambulance never came. She arrived only on the second call since the first time, how he then met the doctors, I called a passer-by who was not able to clearly explain his whereabouts.

With multiple hematomas, hemorrhage, two fractures of vault and base of the skull of the young man delivered in regional clinical hospital №3. Such injuries Bekhterev, if you survive, you may remain disabled.

The attackers were detained and taken to the office. 29-year-old Nikolaev and 32-year-old Domracheva opened a criminal case, paragraph “a” part 3 article 111 of the criminal code on the fact of deliberate causing of heavy harm to health a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion. The maximum punishment under article provides till 12 years of imprisonment.

Court of Nikolaev chose a measure of restraint may 30. In court, the prosecution insisted on the need to arrest, emphasizing the special gravity of the crime.

“His involvement is confirmed by case materials: protocols of interrogation of witnesses, the testimony of the victim and second suspect, said an investigator. Earlier Nikolaev repeatedly convicted and committed a crime, having not removed and outstanding previous conviction. He has not officially employed. Single, dependents are not burdened. It can exert pressure on witnesses, the victim and to obstruct the investigation and abscond”.

It should be noted that Nikolaev has decided to repent in court and expressed willingness to apologize to the victims. However, he claimed that Bekhterev himself provoked it.

“I realize he went too far. Nevertheless, on his part, too, was not to attempt — he just dragged me to his car. I didn’t know what to do, lost his mind, he said in court. — I ran out, wanted him out, aggression did not show. He went on, I caught him, so he stopped. I admit the guilt partially. I do not recognize that a group of people made. And no conspiracy was not. I answered for myself”.

Thus Nikolaev asked the court to leave him on the street, as it has mitigating circumstances: the day before the trial his girlfriend gave birth to a daughter, and on the day of the meeting was the funeral of his mother, who died may 22.

The petition for arrest of the second defendant in a criminal case the court will consider on Thursday, may 31.

However, most local media interested in the situation around men in police uniform. Almost immediately after the incident, the local police has assured that it has nothing to MIA.

As reported in a press-service GU MVD of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region, the materials of verification of the unknown is likely to allocate in separate manufacture.

“The person in uniform, like police, are established. Now being tested, which will clear all circumstances of an event,” said “Газете.Ru” in the office, refused to disclose other details.

If men do not serve in law enforcement and took someone else’s form, his actions fall under article 17.12 of the administrative code and carry a maximum penalty of a fine in the amount of 1500 rubles. If it turns out that he used a gun battle, according to article 222 for illegal trafficking in firearms he is already facing up to four years of imprisonment.

According to local media, the man actually works at one of the plants of Chelyabinsk. The form he took from his wife, working in the patrol and are on maternity leave. Sources told the publication that the man wore a police uniform, so as not to arouse questions from inspectors of traffic police, as sat behind the wheel that night without a license.

The sudden appearance of the unknown in police uniform explained “Газете.Ru” a friend of the victim Artem.

“The place where occurred the first fight, there is a convenience beer store, where a certain contingent for drinking of alcoholic drinks. A man in uniform was there, and then, after my friend managed to fend off the attackers, got into his car and ran after him,” he said.

However, each spondylitis believes that the unknown is unlikely to have been actually familiar with the inspectors who arrived on the scene, and did not rule out that greeting each other two people in the form is just a conditioned reflex.