"Waffle fines": the danger of a new layout

Responsibility for the exit to “waffle” on the busy intersection will appear in the SDA on April 28. From this day on, the yellow marking will cease to be an experiment, but the regions do not have to enact legislation. Motorists fear that now punish boorish behavior at the intersection without the new markup will not work. Where and when will be a new “waffles”, and what penalties they are fraught with, to understand “Газета.Ru”.

28 April 2018 in the rules of the road will enter the liability for the exit of the so-called “waffle” layout on busy intersections. Previously yellow “waffles” painted at the intersection of only those cities where innovation acted as an experiment. To run the concerned regional authorities had to make appropriate changes to the legislation at the local level.

So, the special markings for a long time already been tested in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Kazan.

Fines in the amount of RUB 1 thousand were discharged in automatic mode cameras, photo-cameras, installed directly to the area of the intersection. All these cameras next to the “waffles” taught to capture three types of violations. It’s a red light, leaving behind the stop line, and turn not from the series. Thus, the presence of “waffles” led to the fact that the drivers began to calculate the flow rate and, if necessary, began to make the decision to wait out the cycle traffic, not to block movement perpendicular to the flow.

The experiment was considered successful and at the end of November 2017, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a government resolution on the introduction of new markings at intersections.

Now paragraph 13.2 of the SDA will sound as follows: “it is Forbidden to leave the intersection, crossing the roadway or portion of the intersection designated by the markup of 1.26, if there is EN route congestion, which will force the driver to stop, creating an obstacle for movement of vehicles in the transverse direction, with the exception of turning right or left in the cases established by these rules”.

The recognition of the “waffles” at the Federal level means that local authorities in any city record will be able to apply a special layout and not deal with the design of the experiment at the local level. The amount of the fine will be one for all RUB 1 thousand

In parallel with the yellow markings at intersections already began to appear and new road signs: 1.35 “Area of intersection”. The sign is a yellow square on a dark background with two intersecting diagonals. It is designed to warn drivers that the intersection has a corresponding layout.

“Traffic regulations on the legal status above any standards, rules or local traditions, “said Газете.Ru” the author of the initiative, the head of the expert center “traffic Jams.no”

Alexander Shumsky. — Stuck on the “waffle” drivers, according to traffic regulations, can be fined on 1 thousand rbl. for departure on the hammered crossroads, or for violation of the markup (here, the liability of 500 rubles).

Clarification about the layout are made in order to avoid discussions with drivers who sometimes tried to challenge such a penalty for “waffle”, since they supposedly came by. But now everything is easier: there is the “waffle” that is fine”.

The expert does not exclude that in the future in Moscow the “cost” of violation can raise up to 3 thousand rubles (in the regions up to 1.5 thousand rubles) and to consider it as a violation of rules of a stop-Parking of the vehicle, but that’s another article in the administrative code — a more severe.

Meanwhile, social networking and some media have already appeared information that allegedly, with the advent of such item in the traffic travelling on the busy intersections without “waffle”, there is no responsibility now to face will not. But it’s not.

The fact that the SDA Russia for a long time there is a penalty for violation of rules of journey of crossroads. Thus, according to section 1 of article 12.13 of the administrative code, the inspector of traffic police has the right to fine a driver who miscalculated the time and went to the crossroads or crossing of a carriageway in case of the formed jam which has forced the motorist to stop, creating an obstacle for movement of vehicles in the transverse direction.

The problem lay in another: the business drivers for such an offense is virtually never punished, although in large cities it becomes one of the main reasons for the formation of traffic jams without a camera photo and video fixation tracking him was almost impossible.

The Department of transport had previously recommended the dissemination of the experiment to other cities. As told “Газете.Ru” in the office, according to statistics, the application of this markup has a positive effect on traffic conditions: speed in the morning peak hours increased by 80%, and in the evening — 15%.

Waffle crawl in Moscow

Currently in Moscow “waffle” marks on the five locations: at intersections Velozavodskaya street and Lenin Sloboda; Velozavodskaya autazavadski street; 2nd Kosiski-Bashilovskaya street, Avenue of the World before the Garden ring, as well as in the Theater passage.

However, as reported “Газете.Ru” in the Metropolitan DMV, in 2018, the markup is scheduled to strike for 79 locations. Most of the “waffle irons” will appear in the center of the capital: for 23 locations.

For example, the “waffles” will draw on the following intersections: Kitaygorodsky PR. — Moskvoretskaya embankment ; Ostachowski bridge Yauzskaya str ; Area Yauza gate — Ustinsky PR.; Kotelnicheskaya embankment — Ustinsky PR.; Leninsky PR-t — PR Apakova; 3rd Krutitsky lane — Park Ave.; Sadovaya-Samotechnaya str — Tsvetnoy Bulvar; Sadovaya-Samotechnaya str — Samotechnaya St., 1-St Tverskaya-Yamskaya street — Chayanov; 1st Brestskaya St. Basil St. ; 2-Brestskaya St. Basil St. ; Chayanova str — 2-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya street and other locations.

“As “waffle” layout was approved by resolution

the Russian government, most likely it will appear not only in Moscow but in other Russian cities,” — said in the Metropolitan DMV.