genesis g70

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

genesis g70

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Mikhail Petrovsky, June 7, 2018. Company photos Hyundai

From 1,949,000 rubles for a version of 197 hp. – because only with a full drive. As you go deeper into the inconvenient and inaccurate configurator, you can see that the Stern platform for comparable money is better equipped. And where the G70 becomes more profitable, it goes to three million.

The first thing I try to feel is the steering wheel hub. No, not cheap, as in our Stinger. What not to touch, the interior is much nicer to the touch and is made with more attention to detail. Yes, Korea is unmistakably defined, but not KIA, not Hyundai – namely Genesis. On the displays do not save: both in the dashboard, and in the center already “in the base” the largest screens and graphics are used better. The front panel is threaded. It is the perceived quality in the G70 that creates a wow effect, rather than driving habits, as in the case of Stinger. But first things first. Start with the video.

Moving to Junior Genesis from the editorial Stinger, it’s hard to refrain from comparing relatives. The car turned out quite good, but it is interesting first of all the simplest versions, which are not on the test.

The most amusing in this story is an indirect confirmation of the erroneous time of dispersal for Stinger. Since the beginning of his sales a few months have passed, and on the official website of the manufacturer all the same six seconds to hundreds appear. Practically we were not able to approach them. Now they are married to a related producer. Why not specify more realistic data, because so much negative is already associated with this ridiculous figure? The press service of the KIA refrains from commenting.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

By default, the electronic gear selector is used, and not everyone will like it: modes are switched on with a delay. A simple lever, as the experience of our Stinger shows, is more convenient. There are no convenient handles on the doors, but without them there is no accidental clicking on the control buttons for mirrors.

But the Hyundai office is not dead. Preparing for a business trip, I note in the list of equipment active noise reduction system (the audio system analyzes the noise in the cabin and generates a signal in antiphase to drown out unwanted sounds). So, the Korean concern still uses this technology. It’s a pity, I think it’s not the KIA, – to the noisy Stinger she would be very helpful.

In the first minutes of dating Genesis really surprises with acoustic comfort. Cool – it turns out, really working electronics. I dial more air and give the camera a long tirade about this. And later it turns out that the price list has an error, and noise cancellation in the G70 is missing.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Standard chairs are better at Stinger, not to mention BMW. Sports in the G70 are wonderful. The steering column with the servo drive is from 2.7 million. There is as little space behind the head as in Kia, and even less in the legs. But in the segment there are no hospitable to the passengers cars of the classic layout.

The sedan is muffled by traditional methods: a more developed insulating coating, other glazing, and in itself a three-pillar body provides the cabin with a better isolation from noise, at least in the rear. Even the climate system seems more delicate. Perhaps this is due to the more traditional arrangement of the deflectors. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 – also not the loudest tires. However, I repeat, the acoustic picture still depends on the quality of the asphalt. As well as smooth running.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

The basic car with leather trim is equipped with a foot parking brake. Therefore, in place of the key of the electromechanical “hand-held” – a tray for small items. Instead of aluminum panels – black plastic with gloss on the central tunnel.

Koreans very carefully worked on the notorious feeling of “the first 50 meters”. Leaving the flat highway from Nice airport, I write down: “G70 in the complex surpasses Stinger in driving comfort. Genesis is not only quieter, but also noticeably softer. ” But because the elevator left in Moscow is equipped with passive shock absorbers, and the test sedan – adaptive. And on a flat road, racks with electronic control are better filtered by small things, creating the illusion of softness.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Appetite is immodest: for 430 km we burned 85 liters of gasoline – this is 19.8 l / 100 km. Trip computer lowers the average flow rate to 17.1 liters per hundred. If the Stingers with motors 3.3 and 2.0 hardly differ in appearance, then on the two-liter G70 save, leaving only one pair of exhaust nozzles.

Having got off the smooth track, I take my words back. Suspension G70 assembled, but not softer. And still puzzles swing on short waves. In a turn, the oscillations become diagonal, and, getting on a high-speed arc, you experience uncertainty: whether the food will go into resonance, will not jump from the trajectory. Holds, but still unpleasant.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

The version Sport There are additional menu tabs with accelerometer readings, boost pressure sensors and oil temperature. Due to the Russification of the menu, the overload is measured in grams. And the boost and torque scales are clearly designed for V6. The peak of pressure at the motor 2.0 is 2.15 bar (32 psi).

Even the video shows how the machine swings in a quick turn, but colleagues are surprised: we do not rock. At the same time, they complain about extreme rigidity. I do not agree: yes, hard, but not rigidly-rigid. I change into another car – it really shakes. But does not shake. I specify whether there is a difference in the chassis settings between the versions Sport and Supreme (top for 2,850,000 rubles with a panoramic roof) – iron, answer, is identical. Is any of the machines faulty?

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Supreme (from 2.7 million) allows a combination of a weak engine with adaptive suspension, a system of retention in the band and adaptive cruise control. Let it work so-so, but Kia has such equipment only with a V6 engine … The visibility is better than in Stinger, the dimensions are clearer.

Unlike Stinger, an understated suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers can not be called European – Genesis cars in Europe are not sold. But the essence of the matter is not changing: only the G70 allows you to order such an unadjusted chassis in combination with a two-liter motor. Do I need to do this? We’ll wait with an answer to the Russian test of the base Genesis with passive racks on 18-inch wheels.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

All this is plastic. But plastic plastic is different, the G70 proves. Interact with buttons, keys and pens here is much more pleasant than in Stinger. The upper control unit of the passenger seat is convenient, but it is only available in the top. All glass lifts are equipped with auto mode.

Version Sport equipped with Brembo brakes: four pistons in front, two at the rear. Other modifications – mechanisms with floating brackets and disks smaller by five millimeters in diameter. Both options are effective, but branded brakes are tired by the end of the day in the mountains: the pedal travel is increasing. The drive of conventional does not attract attention. The setting is more civilian than in Stinger – it needs to be heated more deeply. The behavior of ABS is as stupid: it panics on unevennesses, frightens, disinhibits the wheels. But the stabilization system intervenes less often, but Genesis is still more secure than Kia.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

The handle of switching driving modes (at us it is constantly used) in G70 is more elegant and larger. On global machines, instead of a stub – the system button start/stop. It is interesting that on versions with a “scissor” the switch of the stabilization system moves to the bottom row of keys.

At Stinger, the light wedge did not match, it’s easy to build a story with him. In reality, the trip left the impression that these soplatform cars would not intersect much. And according to the estimates of Hyundai, the audience of Genesis is older than that of Kia (although in Russia it is still relatively young) – 35-45 years. As for the relationship with the sedans of the Great German troika, the price of the basic versions of the G70 is an essential trump card. Even taking into account the discounts it is difficult to buy something 200-strong and all-wheel drive for two million.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

I believe that the G70 and Stinger chassis were configured by different people. Under the reset, Genesis does not turn around, it is not substituted on its braking side, like Kia, propagating academic trajectory aerobatics.

However, the segment itself is very specific. Customers choose premium D-Class sedans for image reasons, and the brand is valued at least as much as the aggregate of consumer qualities. Even in a business class, where Genesis can fully play at the “price-quality” ratio, it is barely noticeable. I think the G70 will be able to squeeze something out of the Infiniti Q50. The sales of Jaguar may suffer. But if BMW or even more so Mercedes and notice the appearance of the “Korean” in the classroom, then only because of the extremely low market capacity.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Checked: in the 330-liter trunk, there is one large suitcase and a couple of pieces of hand luggage from the airplane. Under the floor – a dock and a set of tools with a screwdriver and a spanner for 10-12.

Obviously, the G70 wants more to be a “treshka” BMW, than a Mercedes or a Lexus. Still: so much to advertise the hired Bavarian engineers who put their hand to it! But, firstly, many are transplanted to “treshka” from other BMW. For German brands, the D-class is generally a zone of high loyalty. And secondly, Genesis does not reach BMW the present generation, in a broad sense. Even in Stinger, there is more Beamball than in the G70. It’s boring.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Koreans do not save on shoes. Cars with 19-inch wheels, as in the photo, are equipped with the factory excellent tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4. The base 18-inch mounts Continental Sport Contact 5, as in our Stinger.

I will reveal a secret: for several weeks we are stumbling over a comparative test of Stinger and BMW third-fourth series. We want to do a truly objective analysis, so we collect a puzzle from pieces, interleaving cars from the press park by private. Looking back at the work done, I will assume that the G70 with an acoustic package (that is, from 2,249,000 rubles) will be quieter than all the “bimmers” tested by us. But this “treshka” will be more comfortable even with M-suspension and Run Flat tires. And for the drive in the complex, the G70 level is, perhaps, the late BMW series E90. Which is also not bad, you will agree.

Passport data


Genesis G70


Body type


Number of doors / seats


Length, mm


Width, mm


Height, mm


Wheelbase, mm


Track front / rear, mm


The equipped weight DIN, kg


Gross vehicle weight, kg


Luggage space, l



A type

gasoline with direct fuel injection and turbocharging


front, longitudinally

Number and arrangement of cylinders

4, in a row

Number of valves


Working volume, cm³


Max. power, hp / rev / min

247/6200 (197 / 4000-6200) *

Max. torque, N • m / rev / min

353 / 1400-4000 (353 / 1400-3900)



automatic, eight-step

Drive unit



Front suspension

independent, spring, McPherson

Rear suspension

independent, spring, multi-link

Front brakes

disk ventilated

Rear brakes

disk ventilated

Tires front

245/45 R18

Tires rear

245/45 R18

Ground clearance, mm


Operational characteristics

Maximum speed, km / h


Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h, s

7.5 / 6.4 * (9.2 / 8.3)

Fuel consumption, l / 100 km

– urban cycle


– suburban cycle


– mixed cycle


Toxicity rate


Fuel tank capacity, l




* Data for the 197 hp version are given in brackets. ** With speed control.


We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

The G70 sedan is based on the same version of the Genesis rear-wheel-drive platform with McPherson struts instead of the twin arms as Kia Stinger. In the rear mnogorychazke there were additional links preventing parasitic convergence of the wheels at large suspension travels. Electric power steering is mounted on a rail. For a surcharge on the G70 installed electronically controlled dampers, denoted in the case of Genesis abbreviation GACS (Genesis Active Control Suspension).

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

It is reported that the three-pillar frame of the G70 is slightly more rigid on the torsion of the five-door body of Stinger. But none of the companies provide accurate data.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

The series “The Four” of the Theta series was created within the framework of the Global Alliance Engine between the companies Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. The original design of the aluminum block of cylinders and its head was developed by Hyundai mechanics, but each member of the alliance could make changes according to their needs. On the Stinger installed aluminum engine of the second generation Theta II with direct fuel injection and turbocharging. As in the atmospheric version, the timing is equipped with a low-noise circuit and phase adjustment on the inlet and outlet. The crankshaft is offset relative to the axis of the cylinders to reduce friction. The compression ratio is 10.0: 1. The graph of the external speed characteristic is given for the global version with a capacity of 252 hp. at the same time as in Russia, the moment is 353 N • m.

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

It’s funny. To show the layout of the transmission, the Russian Hyundai office used an illustration of the six-cylinder version, which we do not sell – sketching the left half of the exhaust system. Selection of the moment on the front axle is carried out using an electromechanical multi-plate clutch. It allows full locking with half the distribution of the moment along the axes, but with uniform rectilinear motion it gives up no more than ten percent of thrust.

Behind the scenes

We evaluate the Genesis G70 sedan with a look at the editorial Stinger

Having typed a bunch of equipment on the shooting, we with the operator Andrei Belov were forced to carry baggage with us, and the G70 for this is not very suitable. For a tall driver on the floor you can not put anything, so Andrew shared the back sofa with a suitcase. The luggage occupied both the front seat and the floor in front of it … Thanks to the responsiveness of our readers on the Cote d’Azur, we went over a whole fleet of support cars. The Mercedes C 450 4Matic, and Range Rover Vogue, and even a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Convertible. “Tseška” strove to hit the operator head harder with the trunk lid open, which caused us to tie her up with a tow rope in the colors of the Russian flag.