New penalties: for drivers answer their bosses

On last March 29, the meeting in the Russian government elevated the problem in the liability of carriers for breach in the labor regime motorists. It’s significant the discussion from the bill started the meeting in the Cabinet.

Presently, the job for labor violations is provided only for the motorists themselves.

Punish their employers legally impossible. Although frequently motorists need to work, therefore violating the regime at work and rest that affects the safety of not only workers, but furthermore passengers as well as other motorists.

"Let’s start with the draft law, which will strengthen charge of observance of regime at work and all motorists. This is often a safety problem for individuals who run a vehicle, plus a matter which concerns the passengers as well as other motorists," — mentioned Dmitry Medvedev.

The Pm noted you will find occasions once the motive pressure because of physical reasons, basically, from fatigue, cannot go sometimes because of overwork went to settle the wheel and not able to reply adequately for the traffic situation.

"We all know that typically motorists have to function in illegal schedule", — mentioned Medvedev.

For your safety of passengers inside the legislation was already enshrined inside the rules in the regime at work and rest. To exclude processing, the company is simply required to create reasonable schedules for motorists. In breach of relevant penalty is enforced only on motorists: the company any liability for overtime employees shall Not. According to officials, to cope with this issue can be achieved once making the best changes to the current wording in the administrative code.

"We’ll consider changes for the Code about administrative offences which permit to prosecute and employers and officials, legal entities, and employers — individual entrepreneurs and officials and legal entities. Its such groups are situated penalties," — mentioned Medvedev.

Further discussion from the balance, apparently, occured behind closed doorways. The draft amendments on March 19 upheld the us government Commission on legislative activities.

For comments in regards to the new decision in the government "Газета.Ru" addressed for the Director General in the transport company "mosavto Tract Groups" Sergey Kosakowo.

"Restrictive measures cannot bring positive effect. The us government desire to appropriate for recycling is becoming not only motorists, however the control of transport companies.

Before to punish, it is advisable to produce normal conditions for work. Within the u . s . states you’ll find without any points rest for motorists.

For example: in Moscow the motive pressure must drive 4 hrs, then 25 minutes to unwind. But where’s he? No sites, no places accommodations. Yes, plus current traffic conditions, the amount of could he pass? Rather plenty of downtime. To punish a simple — and never the answer," mentioned Mesacov.

The tightening measures can result in greater prices for products that carry carriers.

"The current regime at work and all motorists is not favorable to attracting qualified personnel. People will not work, being conscious of the challenging schedule. Was once a specialist driver should really easily fit in with the "white-colored-colored bone" of this marketplace. Now things are the choice. Tasks are unbearably heavy. You don’t have to create additional limitations, because this will modify the cost of merchandise delivered to the businesses.

Plus a negative impact – products may grow to thirty percent from current prices", — mentioned Sergey Mesacov.

The total amount is not limited to the introduction of new fines for employers inside the sphere at the office violations by motorists. The writing also examines the chance to distinguish the compositions of administrative offences of worries intended for the carriage of passengers and cargo, without any tachograph, or possibly within the situation as he is not working or does not fulfill the needs.

Also, the document also recommended to find out a differentiated size fine according to subject and nature in the administrative offence. Therefore, when the motorists purchase violations at work and rest from 1 to 3 1000 just about any (part 2 of article 11.23 in the administrative code). It’s apparent the employers who sent tired flying, it’ll be a great deal more.