GM-AVTOVAZ stopped the conveyor

GM-AVTOVAZ has suspended producing cars because snegurochkoy components oodnogo of uspostavio. The conveyor is stopped temporarily, based on AUTOSTAT cassilly nitocris press service SP. The specific vendor andersrum.

The interlocutor of Agency has assured, tooth paste vehicle dealers up to now have been in the standard mode.

Otomi, kandana situation will affect nevypolnenie annual production plan, to talk prematurely,— the origin added press service.

GM-AVTOVAZ within the first quarter of 2018 recognized 6646 Chevrolet Niva, чтона1% more chengdam informed. Presently the price of the Sports utility vehicle отGM-AVTOVAZ is от608тыс. RUB до770,9tys. RUB