Moscow motorists warned about the beginning of the season

Moscow motorists have warned motorcyclists pojavlenii nedorogo after the winter, according to the center for organization of traffic (TSODD).

Activists of young people Council of MANAGEMENT, representatives of motor-community sotrudniki the road patrol service of Moscow handed out to motorcyclists and motorists to peshehoda leaflets osnovnymi rules of conduct in the road pribavlenie motorcyclists, reflective key rings. The emergence of new traffic participants, occatoria winter period seppele to wean, will require eschebolshey concentration preparepage the roadway by pedestrians preperestroika motorists,— said in a statement.

Added, chokachi joined actor Alexei khvorostyan. Have epidepride drivers priblizhayuscheysya the opening of the season has napomnil mobilematrix the rules of safe behavior in nedorogo.