Russia has simplified the import of some vehicles

A year ago in Russia it absolutely was impossible to import cars manufactured before 1 The month of the month of january 2017 and purchased within the countries in the Customs Union, while not obtaining the machine ERA-GLONASS. However such machines is provided "eco-friendly light" round the import into Russia without any preset system of emergency services, writes "Merchant" with relation to its clarification in the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC).

Informed with the technical rules in the Customs Union "On safety of wheeled vehicles" from 2017, all of the issued cars inside the countries in the Eurasian economic Union ought to be outfitted with system of emergency save services. Nevertheless the Federal customs service of Russia has extended this requirement to imported cars, released into circulation inside the EEU before 1 The month of the month of january 2017.

The EEC described that consequently, in March, the FCS has sent clarifications for the regional customs, which abolished these extra needs. In 2017, the EEC received plenty of citizens who’ve bought cars of release till 2017 inside the countries in the Customs Union (except the The country Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) and were not able drive these to Russia without ERA-GLONASS system, which in line with the technical rules was optional, mentioned an origin.

ECE also convinced the Russian customs that inside the Russian PTS are imported within the countries in the Union the cars aren’t required to exhibit safety certificate of vehicle design. Inside the technical rules there is no such provision, nevertheless the customs, just like the problem in the call system of emergency services, felt they have to provide the certificate.