The traffic police prepares new restrictions for drivers

The traffic police began to arrange an idea beneath the new manner of traffic safety in Russia, that will probably achieve zero deaths from traffic accidents by 2030. Once the plan in the condition automobile Inspectorate will probably be recognized, motorists will uncover a sum of significant limitations for instance "alcolocks" and bans using phones.

Because the traffic police is ready first type of this program, that might alteration of review process at different levels, writes "Merchant" who could see the document. Thus, partly one in the plan proposes measures "conduct change participants inside the movement". They include, for example, the introduction of "an positive image" inspectors.

There are more radical proposals: the introduction of volume of cameras and concentrate the opportunity to make use of the vehicle "alcolocks" that do not allow it to start the vehicle prior to the driver will breathe into breath analyzer test incorporated within the device itself and connected while using control unit.

As well as in the traffic police offer produce a system of hire child seats also to combat substandard products available on the market.

In another part of the plan assumes rise in the quantity of roundabouts. Stated the introduction of temporary suits novice motorists (while using substitute from the permanent identity without gross violations of traffic rules) as well as the complexity from the exams for motorcyclists and bus motorists.

A completely new way of road safety noisy . The month of the month of january, approved by Pm Dmitry Medvedev. It requires the reduction in the quantity of deaths per 100,000 population from 13.4 to 4 by 2024 plus a reduction in deaths in traffic accidents to zero by 2030. Under this plan the traffic police must produce a plan with specific measures.