Waymo and Honda build unconventional UAV

Konstantin Bolotov a few days ago. Photo: Honda. Illustration: Nuro

Autonomous concept Honda NeuV, developing ideas in the prototype AC-X seems one of the candidates for your publish delivery van Waymo.

American company Waymo making Honda began negotiations in 2016 within the initiative in the Japanese side. Now Bloomberg reports the offer is close to completion. Potential partners found a market for cooperation — this really is really the device for delivery services. Thus, Honda will finish in the 3rd automaker, is collaborating with Waymo, after of concerns the FCA and Jaguar Land Rover.

Waymo and Honda build unconventional UAV

Riding electric vehicle-the robot Nuro R1, that can take aboard only the items that emerged just originated in Waymo. Some thing similar from Honda NeuV — no problem.

Chapter Waymo John Krafcik remarked: within the joint project should not expect a "traditional vehicle moving on the road". Now we are not talking about modification of existing models, adding to creating a machine by yourself. She will transport goods and passengers, not receiving a controls and pedals. How large The drone will probably be a smaller truck. Probably, throughout the season we’ll see him inside the status in the concept Honda.