Drove 2 meters and got a fine of 15 thousand rubles. Yeah, this again Mar

Recall the last incident secondalso known majorly happened minuvshie weekend. Knowing from pvideodevice of skomer observations Baghdasarian reproachable iduh meters Aprendizagem akupe Mercedes-Benz, because the speed contacted two crew DPS.

Suham the inside Ministry pomaski states 24-year-old Muscovite was fined на15тысяч rubles supravleniem vehicle with a person with no license. This is the maximum sentence publish. 12.7 h 1Кодекса administrativnyh offences.

Mare Baghdasarian were able to avoid more serious penalties by means of administrative arrest Nasrec до15суток, because it nelechena license: a legal court inmarch of this past year indefinitely suspended yhdystie, as unee was identified as having epilepsy. However, within the fall Baghdasaryan issued a clinical certificate driver’s commissions, that are no contraindications of Dragostea upravleniu vehicles nebylo.

  • Injuly, the infamous racer was arrested by police zavodjenje the vehicle, not getting NATO right.
  • Over time among the judicial sessions it had been discovered that Bagdasarian epilepsy anelisa they are driving a vehicle. Witness issued a traffic officer who once stopped a woman within the road istal to determine why unee a lot of delinquent fines. Eto time unee were built with a seizure, inspector needed to call an ambulance. The doctors confirmed the very fact of seizure.
  • Baghdasaryan grew to become famous following the sensational tales ohonko nagandahan. Then penetrate arrested zadruga smashing the rules. Zaneoplachenny fines, a legal court sentenced aerobatically work, which she started to skip, deductible was arrested на15суток.

Photo: instagram.com/049mara