First a crack, then fire: recalls Lexus cars in Russia

Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F

“What concerning the vaunted Japanese reliability?!” — happily exclaims the spiteful critics that do not like Japanese cars. I hasten to reassure reliability all so as, and component suppliers may bring any automaker that frequently occurs.

Defective fuel pump present in A hundred three Lexus, who’re within our country, list their VIN obtainable online of Rosstandart, there’s quoted the outline from the problem:

“The main reason cars know conditions from the car engine, because of resonance oscillations from the fuel pressure there’s possible of harm towards the pulsation damper from the fuel pump. This damage could cause elevated noise/vibration and as time passes may cause fatigue cracking from the pump cover. When the vehicle is continuously operated under such conditions, the introduction of cracks around the lid from the pump may lead to fuel leakage. An energy leak near an ignition source can increase the chance of fire around the vehicle”.

All of the remembered sports cars mechanics approved service centers Lexus have free for vehicle proprietors to exchange the fuel pump.

Photo: Lexus