Published the first photos of the new Opel Astra (and it is already falling apart!)
Oficialnom Twitter German brand Opel printed photos fragmentami updated Astra To sindeks, who found the purchase just twoyears ago. Nasimco shows the leading and also the rear optics from the versatile Sports Tourer, outdoors mirror rear view. Thatit Opel altered Vastra except svetografika toppings, it’s unclear.

But pay some focus on one uncomfortable detail: natto bokovin mirror garnish molding driver’s side door fixed crooked. Funny thatthis defect assemblies bycharacter идляAstra Proshlogo generation, which offered well inRussia. Samposebe protruding strip, obviously, IsNot a large problem— is surprising only the truth that the Opel sopredsedateli missed this naseebi the show.

Awaiting libsoprano Astra technical change, can also be unknown. Up to now, Opel Astra Prodaetsya inEurope turbirovanie gas engines 1. to at least one.6 лEcotec (100-200L.with.), aspirated 1.4 l(100 l.with.), also diesel engines of just one.6 liters(95-160л.with.). Kakizvestno delivery Opel inRussia stopped ещев2015 year, takterassen new Astra has technewsdaily.